The power of connectivity

This century brought many unique and surprising gadgets to us all, from voice activated home entertainment systems like Alexa, to lighting fast fiber internet speeds from Carfone. We are blessed to live in an era where the world is literally in our hands.

When Smart phones got released back in 2008, phrases like “The world at your fingertips” got a whole new meaning as it gave everyone access to information, anywhere, anytime. Unfortunately, with all pro’s there’s also con’s, with an increase in fraud and identity thefts. Luckily companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon spend billions each year to keep our information secure.

Benefits of being connected for businesses and home users

Small to large businesses benefit the most when it comes to connectivity. Having your product catalogue on a website or promoted through online social media influencers, draws many public eyes, which turns into revenue through purchases. Online marketing became very powerful over the last decade, as more and more potential consumers have access to internet services worldwide. The benefit doesn’t stop there. Meetings via Skype/Zoom between branches, makes keeping up to date with company matters a breeze. With the pandemic affecting most of the world, online video interviews also increased in popularity, as it made the process very convenient to both employer and employee.

The other day I was scrolling through my phone’s play store app and to my surprise found many local services which are easy and convenient to use. Everything from delivery to transport services, only a few clicks away.

Now isn’t that convenient? Another big benefit to having uncapped connections; your monthly bill will not skyrocket to the moon, giving you endless time to voice/video call with friends and family via apps like WhatsApp.

Last night while watching Netflix, my mind started drifting away and the question suddenly popped into my head: “How many home activities will I lose if I wasn’t connected?” I started counting – browsing for information/news online, YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, online gaming, hours of video calls with family and friends – this made me realized just how depended on internet connectivity I became; hench the topic for this blog – The power of connectivity. When you have a moment after reading this blog, make some coffee/tee and look around your home, how depended have you became on connectivity? “Food for thought”

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