IP PBX Switchboard Solutions

IP PBX Switchboard Solutions

Feature Rich, System Ready Web Based PBX.

An IP PBX is a switchboard or Private Branch Exchange which uses Internet Protocol. It is a server which uses your Internet Connection to route all your incoming and outgoing calls. Your customers can get hold of the right person immediately. Routing can be based on any means you choose: Time, skills or hunting.

You can either use your existing Internet Connection, or we can assist you in setting up a Fibre or Wireless Solution at your premises. Additional features of the PBX can be installed remotely with the click of a button. This means no costly call out fees when you want to make changes on your PBX

Most suitable for;

  1. Businesses wanting to save money.
  2. Businesses looking to be able to make changes to their PBX from a remote location, saving money on call out fees.
  3. Call Centres looking for a Feature Rich, System Ready, Web Based PBX.

Beneficial Features

  • Time based routing: Night and weekend messages.
  • Skills based routing: Messages to be distributed to the relevant people.
  • An interactive voice response (IVR): Allows incoming calls to be controlled automatically, 24/7.
  • Soft switch: The software-based platform allows for seamless add-on features as well as standard features found on conventional PABXs.
  • IP - Based infrastructure: Because it works on your existing IT network, you only need a single network point for your computer and phone. Your extension is always where your computing device is.
  • Remote access: Because there is no dedicated infrastructure, maintenance and upgrades can be handled remotely.
  • Expandable: Communigate grows with your business, giving you local or remote extensions on or off site. Add users – even branches, to one IP PBX.
  • No License costs: Pay a once off up-front fee.
  • Cost-effective technology: Lower operating costs with minimal hardware, remote support and a flat rate for all the features.
  • We also offer Fax to Email
  • Want to find easier ways of sending your emails and faxes?  Then look not further than Carfone’s Fax to Email service.

What is Fax to Email?

Fax to Email is simply the ability to send a fax over the Internet and have the receiver get the fax as an email without needing his own fax machine or printer.

Why use Fax to Email?

As mentioned, a Fax to Email service does not require the receiver to have a fax machine or printer.  A simple Internet connection is all that is needed, which also means you need not face the possibility of the phone lines being busy.  You also save on ink and paper as well saving you time that would have been wasted on waiting for each fax to be sent.

You can also send a fax to multiple recipients rather than having to distribute the fax from the fax machine.  Or you can send a single, confidential fax to your intended receiver, providing added security.  Your faxes will not get lost or go missing, and records of faxes sent and received can be kept for months or even years.

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