Best internet choice for you?

Where do I start with this juicy topic? Choosing the correct internet service is a lot like choosing your first or next vehicle. Going eeny-meeny-miny-moe – I choose you – could make for an overall poor internet experience.

There are many different setups when it comes to internet on the market, for example, fiber optic internet, Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (Adsl) and wireless services like 4G/5G. A little research goes along way.

All these different internet services do have their own pros and cons, which make it difficult to pick one among the many for home or business use.  Best place to start off is to confirm which service give coverage in your area. A quick Google search would give you an idea of which internet service providers, (ISP), are out there. Once you know the names, you can give them a call or confirm coverage on their website. Another option is to ask people living in your neighborhood, as they could give you information about what they using and if they happy with the service. Restaurants are a good place to ask, as most supply free internet access to their customers.

I had my fair share of different types of internet services over the years, from the old dialup (That was fun times) to ADSL, wireless and currently fiber optic. For me personally, fiber optic offered the best home and business internet experience to date.

Fiber is very versatile as it covers both buried and aerial infrastructures. This means fiber can cover almost every terrain. For these reasons fiber infrastructures are advancing very quickly throughout the world, especially South Africa. Fiber also does not require a telephonic line where as Adsl do. Voice over IP (VoiP) services works just as well and makes use of the internet data connection to place voice calls.

Adsl makes use of older telephonic line infrastructures, which are rapidly being replaced by fiber infrastructures. If fiber is not yet available in your area, Adsl could be a good option for the time being. I used Adsl for many years myself and was very happy with the service. It is a bit costly, as you need to pay for the telephone line and the Adsl service; on the plus side it’s widely available in many areas.

Wireless is another very popular internet choice to look at for your area. Its stability is heavily depended on signal, though. The closer you are to a signal tower with good line of sight, the more stable internet link you’ll have. An easy way to test mobile wireless is to look at your cell phones 4G/5G signal strength. This is a good indication to see if your area has coverage, for example a Vodacom sim router.

It’s best to do a little research before choosing any of the above mentioned services, as each area will have their own pros and cons.

As I mentioned before, to accommodate all my home and business smart devices at any given time, day or night, I prefer fiber as its fast and reliable.

Carfone, one of South Africa’s leading internet service providers, offer fast reliable internet to both homes and businesses.

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