Why Fiber Is A Gamers Dream

fibre internet

Speed… This one word says it all. Being an online gamer myself, one of the main components in any online gamers’ arsenal is having a fast-reliable internet connection. Imagine playing your favorite role playing game (RPG) – You finally sneaked pass that deadly dragon to get that shiny legendary sword, only to have your internet disconnect or lag out. You log back in as fast as you can, only to find you been eaten  and the dragon using your bones as toothpicks.

For gamers nothing can be more frustrating. Latency; a love/hated word known by all professional and casual gamers which been the Achilles heel since the dawn of online gaming. The higher the latency the more likely you’ll start experiencing lag.

Now you wondering how all this ties together? Fiber optic connections offer speed of light connections, (Also see Fiber Optic Internet Guide) which is about 30 times faster than the average copper wire connections. This is where fiber blows the competition away. Faster speed means lower latency while playing online games which in turn gives a much smoother and reliable online gaming experience. Just remember to polish that shiny new sword on your wall of fame.

Fiber also brings business opportunities to online gamers. In the last few years streaming has become massive worldwide. Thousands of online gamers are turning their hobbies into serious online businesses, with millions of viewers watching their streams worldwide daily. Your internet connection can be the difference between success and failure. Nothing puts off viewers quicker than watching a laggy live stream.

Download and upload speeds

Gaming creators are creating breathtaking realistic looking virtual gaming worlds for us gamers to enjoy and explore. In most cases this means larger files to download. The larger the data files, the longer it takes to download. I remember all the waiting times I had to endure before upgrading to fiber. When a new online game is being released, there are always patch updates after the launch (sometimes daily).  Having the correct internet connection could mean waiting mere minutes or waiting painfully for hours, itching to play.

This is truly the best century to be an online Gamer.  Next time you are in a first person shooter game and see a poor soul lagging, show some pity or just blow them up with a grenade (wink)

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