How Fiber Can Benefit Your Business

fiber business

We live in a world where internet is in very high demand. With many rival companies selling or offering the same services your business do, mere minutes can mean getting the sale or losing it. Nearly all businesses these days are linked to the internet somehow. One way to increase productivity, which is overlooked by many companies, is to upgrade their internet service. Fiber optic internet utilize the speed of light technology which offers faster speed, improved cloud experiences, reliability, secure networks and lower costs. Let’s look at the following 5 core benefits of having fiber for your business.

5 Reasons fiber optic internet will benefit your business.

Speed:  Fiber optic cables transmit data at much higher speeds compared to copper wires. This in turn, increases the speed your employees can access data online or receive data, increasing overall productivity. Your business is able to grow faster and generate more revenue. This is very advantageous for data capturers, sales representatives and online service desk technicians, where speed is essential when speaking to customers telephonically or doing a remote repair.

fiber business

Reliability: A key factor for any business is having no disruptions. Those who worked in an office know just how chaotic it gets once the internet goes down. Having fiber gives that extra piece of mind. Fiber uses light signals which are not affected by electrical or weather conditions.

Cloud services: These services are very depended on having a fast reliable internet connection. Fiber speeds provides smooth online experiences. Employees can access data and online applications faster and have uninterrupted online meetings. As businesses move more towards online cloud services, having fiber becomes crucial.

Security: Cable tapping has been around for decades, it’s the method used to intercept information as it is send from point A to point B. Fiber cables are more secure as you need to physically cut into the cable which will cause the signal to disappear. Fiber is a good way to increase your company’s protection against cyber crime.

Costs: As mentioned earlier, being able to increase productivity with less downtime, will increase business revenue considerably each year. Having fiber already will also save costs on any future business structure upgrades – for example moving over to cloud services or adding a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system to save on telephone costs.

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