Fiber Optic Internet Guide

In this guide we have a closer look at the origins of Fiber:

Fiber Optic Cables might seem new, but research began on fused silica elements back in the 1960/1970s Fused silica is a non-crystalline (Glass) with high service temperatures and very low electrical conducting. In 1988 Fiber optic cables were laid between Europe and U.S under the ocean.

Over the years technology evolved even more, to the point where it became available world-wide.

How do Fiber optic cables actually work?

Binary data is send via light pulses through the Fiber cable core. The core is mostly made of glass. As the light travels down the core, each particle of light (Photon) bounces of the sides within the core. The discovery was made were light hits glass at a very shallow angle (less than 42 degrees) it reflects back again like a mirror. To further improve efficiency, a thicker layer made from glass or plastic is wrapped around the core called Cladding. These Fibers are extremely thin, less than a tenth of a human hair.

How are light pulses able to transmit data?

Laser or LED sources are used to transmit light pulses. Each pulse is part of the binary data, in its raw form binary code are just one’s and zero’s which in turn makes up bits. Light is surprisingly easy to use for sending binary data, where one pulse means 1 and no pulse means 0 – Think of Morse code where messages are send via dots and then translated into words.

How does the transmitted data reach my computer?

The final step – known as “The last mile” is the process that occurs between the internet exchange point and the home/ business illustrated in the picture. This is where Internet service providers (ISP) come in. These are the companies (Like Carfone) you pay to get access to the internet network (World Wide Web) Different speed packages are available to choose from for homes and businesses.

Next time you online, just imagine yourself being a light pulse traveling at enormous speeds down the narrow Fiber core and ending up on your phone or computer screen as an image. We are only limited by our imagination.

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