Carfone – Q&A- All Your Fiber Question Answered

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Living in Kroonstad? Struggling with unreliable internet connections? Or just want to leave the Stone Age and embrace the future? Carfone has arrived and opened a local branch in Kroonstad, to cater to your entire internet needs. We specialize in buried/underground lighting fast fiber optic internet for home or business installations.

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1Q: Is Carfone a new company?
A: Carfone was established in 1979 and have established in excess of 55 high sites throughout Central South Africa. The Carfone head office is located in Kroonstad with permanent service personnel in Bethlehem and Hopetown catering for the outlying areas.

2Q: How deep is the trenching done for the cables on my premises?
A: 200mm

3Q: How do I know my neighborhood is fiber ready?
A: Client contact us and we will look on the system and confirm.

4Q: Is the hardware installed outside or inside my house/building?
A: Inside and outside

5Q: How long does an installation take?
A: 5 to 6 hours

6Q: Do I need a phone line?
A: The good news is no. You don’t need any telephone lines to use fiber optics as fiber sends data via light pulses through a glass core cable, unlike ADSL which use copper wire cables.

7Q: Is the fiber connection active as soon as the installation is done?
A: Yes, it is.

8Q: What is the difference between fiber and ADSL?
A: Fiber optics transfer data via light pulses where as ADSL uses copper wires. The fiber infrastructure is more reliable and increases connection speeds considerably.

9Q: Is my current ADSL router compatible with the fiber connection?
A: Because fiber works on a completely different system to DSL, you can’t use the same router.

10Q: Does Carfone install all needed devices/hardware to get me connected online?
A: Yes, we do.

11Q: Is Carfone licensed to build and manage fibre and does it consist of all the necessary approvals to do so?
A: Yes, we are licensed.


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Tel: 0565550000
Head Office: 6 Thesen street, P.O. Box 1546, Kroonstad, Republic of South Africa

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