Do fiber and 5G go hand in hand for home and business users?

Do fiber and 5G go hand in hand for home and business users?

The words ‘being connected’ have a completely different meaning in the 21st century. Most people own some sort of mobile device these days, which give them the ability to always be connected with loved ones, friends or clients anywhere in the world. When I’m home, all my smart devices connects via Wi-Fi to my fiber router, the process is so smooth that I never notice the switch over from 4G/5G to Wi-Fi. This is where the thought came up regarding these two different technologies, which go hand in hand to better our personal or business lifestyles.

Short summary of 5G in South Africa:

Vodacom, one of South Africa’s biggest cellular networks, launched its 5G service last year in May 2020 to a few of the major cities. Unfortunately,  the rollout didn’t go as smoothly as planned, with many misinformations circulating around 5G. One of the biggest concerns has been around health risks – 5G makes use of radio waves which operates in the low-band frequency range between 2,3GHz – 3,5GHz in South Africa. The public had similar concerns back when 3G/4G was released, I myself been using 3G/4G since its release and haven’t grown any extra limbs …. yet. It’s highly unlikely to pose health risks.

Fiber and 5G – Comparison

The cores both technologies been build upon are completely different. Fiber uses light signals via a cable where as 5G makes use of radio waves.

5G is limited in reach as it needs signal towers to broadcast the radio wave signal. Fiber however, can travel via cable without signal loss up to 70km.

Fiber/Wi-Fi connections are much more stable within a building compared to cellular signals.

From a home or business perspective both technologies have its pros and cons. Example – The fiber router, although super fast and stable,  gives connection to a small radius in and around the home/business building. Once you move out of this connection range, the mobile service 4G/5G takes over.  Just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, both technologies go hand in hand to give the user the best possible online experience where ever they are.

Carfone, an ISP based in Kroonstad (South Africa) provides fast/reliable fiber internet for both home and business users.  I’ve always been a big supporter of fiber optics and got it installed as soon as it became available in my area and couldn’t be happier.


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